What’s My Style?

Soft Lines, playful curves and comfort? Certainly not.  The Industrial ranges are dominated by hard and functional elements.  Raw metal, parts are turned into luminaires and spread the rough style of factory buildings.  The industrial look celebrates the aesthetic of things imperfect.

Did you know that the word Vintage originally meant wine harvest?  Vintage style means a piece of furniture built anew but designed to look “used”  Genuine vintage pieces from the 1920s to 1980s can be found in weekend markets, or in back sheds, by contrast, Genuine or as imitations; Vintage reminds us of the good old days: summer holidays with the grandparents, the first ride in your .grandparents vintage car and the best apple pie or scones from your grandmothers kitchen.   Travel through time and enjoy feelings of nostalgia with the Vintage style.

It’s tea O’clock and with Country style – the famous tea time shouldn’t be limited to the Brits.  Interrupt the rhythm of your day, take a deep breath and a enjoy a few moments of calm.  It will feel so good!   Relax with a good cup of tea in a British country style atmosphere, glass crystal, flower patterns and luminaries that are presented as a decorative piece.   Enjoy Cottage style in your home without having to travel at all.

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