One of the biggest questions asked by clients is, “what wattage the globe is”.

While wattage is of course important, it is only one of the things that should be considered when purchasing globes to suit your fittings.     To help clear it up;

  1. WATT is the power that will be consumed by the light globe you are purchasing
  2. LUMEN – is the amount of light emitted from the globe, the higher the number, the more light it gives off.
  3. TEMPERATURE colour – 3000K, 4000k,5000k,6500k.  “K” represents Kelvin, the temperature of the colour that the globe gives off.    The lower the number, the more orange or warmer the light.   The higher the number, the more natural or “white” the light.
  4. LUX – is the amount of workable light received at the location where you want it. i.e. a desk, bench top, living space etc. The higher the lux the more light you are receiving to undertake your task at the time.

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