Thinking about Renovating or Building?

You need to consider the three layers of lighting, to ensure you get the best possible result during the renovation or building;


This is the base level of lighting; ambient lighting makes a room appear more inviting and welcoming.   You can achieve overall illumination and a comfortable level of brightness using ceiling mounted fittings.  Need other options?  Batten-fix, oysters, downlights, spotlights and wall mounted fittings, will assist in reaching the same level of serenity and illumination.


Providing a direct source of light for everyday activities, task lighting is essential for reading, cooking, completing work, playing games or simply getting ready for the day ahead.    You need lighting that is bright enough to prevent eye strain and provide a shadow-free area.   Task lighting can be achieved using track lighting systems, spotlights, wall mounted fittings pendants and under cabinet light fittings.


Want to add a bit of drama to your favourite rooms?  Accent lighting will do the trick.   It creates a visual focal point and draws the eye to such items like mirrors, paintings or art displayed within the area.

It can be used to highlight architectural design elements and outdoor landscaping.   To enjoy the most of accent lighting, introduce the use of pendants, track lighting, concealed fittings, spotlights or under cabinet fittings.

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